One Night Gatherings

Danvers/Spin Lake

Wednesday, July 24th at 7pm

Ross & Terri Walker

931 N Buffalo Run in Danvers


Saturday, July 27th at 4pm

Dan & Crystal Brown

Gathering is moved to the fire station in Minier!

Mackinaw/Heritage Lake

Saturday, July 27th at 5pm

Doug & Christy Hasty

676 Heritage Drive in Mackinaw

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Q: What’s the purpose of the One Night Gathering?

Our vision at MCC is to LOVE20, which means we’re intentional to love the 20,000 people in the 20 communities within 20 miles of our church. The goal of these gatherings is to activate our church body to serve as groups in these 20 communities.

Q: What will we do at the One Night Gathering?

1. CONNECT with others from MCC who live in your community

2. PRAY for your community

3. MAKE A PLAN for your group to show and share God's love right where you live

Examples of things your group could do for your community are: backyard BBQs, block parties, movie nights in the park, bible studies, prayer walks, service projects, create a plan to connect with new people who move to your community.

Q: Which gathering do I attend?

Attend the gathering in the nearest community. You will be contacted by your group coordinator.

Q: What does a host do?

As a host you can offer your home or backyard for the gathering, or meet in a community building or park. The host is simply in charge of planning accomodations for the group.

Q: What does a coordinator do?

The coordinator will lead discussion and prayer at the gathering based on materials provided by the church office. This person is also responsible for communicating with the office after the event.